The technical and artistic knowledge of Cerruto atelier ensures the creation of unique products and customizable items, true to the style of the firm.
From the little collections in small series to larger and more challenging pieces, we offer a wide creation of patterns by using unique, homemade and experimental techniques.

The atelier

Thanks to twenty-five years practice, study and observation, we propose unique items, fully moulded by hand: new shapes of a unique Sicilian nature, revised in a contemporary key. With such characteristics, our artefacts are addressed to an audience focused on quality and ground-breaking of the pottery. They are a constant invitation to art and grace.

Cerruto articles are ceramic embroidery made by fragments of clays, juxtapositions of real or perceived symbolic forms, which show the harmony between the multiplicities of things. In Cerruto ceramics, the plastic act becomes instinctual and primal, yet controlled and skilful. The texture of the surfaces, covered with cuts, scrapes, marks and relieves, points out a whirlwind of powerful energies put in harmonious contrast by the skilful compositional decision of the artist.