Cerruto Ceramics was established in 1990 in Modica, Sicily. Through an alternative language to the traditional Caltagirone ceramics, Giovanni Cerruto and Daniela Gianchino give life to an experimental process that is recognizable in the forms, in the soil, in the doughs and in the colours. The accession of the son Mattia and the daughter Ilaria has enriched the working heritage and the family tradition.

Our articles are ceramic embroidery made by fragments of clays, juxtapositions of real or perceived symbolic forms, which show the harmony between the multiplicities of things. They tell about fragments of history, nature, landscape, passion, Mediterranean tradition; tradition made by the sophisticated characteristics of a timeless Sicily by the meeting and the continuous combination of material and colour.

Today Cerruto ceramics is distinguishable by its uniqueness inside the Sicilian, Italian and international ceramic scenery.